The best brick-and-mortar savings account for banking at Wells Fargo (2024)

Editor's Note: APYs listed in this article are up-to-date as of the time of publication. They may fluctuate (up or down) as the Fed rate changes. CNBC will update as changes are made public.

The biggest difference between opening a savings account with a brick-and-mortar bank versus an online bank is that the former has branches you can visit in person, whereas the latter operates entirely on the web.

Online banking has become more popular because of the higher interest rates and lower fees offered. But many consumers still choose to open bank accounts with the traditional big brick-and-mortar banks solely for the personal, one-on-one experience that they provide.

With about 5,400 physical locations and over 13,000 ATMs, Wells Fargo is the largest brick-and-mortar bank in the nation by number of branches. For those looking to open an account at a bank with the most opportunity for in-person access, Wells Fargo is your best choice.

The WellsFargo Way2Save® Savings ranks on CNBC Select's list of the top brick-and-mortar savings accounts because it has a low minimum daily balance requirement in order to avoid the monthly service fee ($5 per month) and makes it easy to automate your savings through Save As You Go®.

Below, we take a close look at theWellsFargo Way2Save Savings by breaking down its annual percentage yield (APY), access to your cash, perks and fees so you can decide if this brick-and-mortar savings account is right for you.

WellsFargo Way2Save Savings review

  • APY
  • Access to your cash
  • Perks
  • Fees
  • Bottom line


Wells Fargo is a Member FDIC.

  • Annual Percentage Yield (APY)


  • Minimum balance

    $25 to open

  • Monthly fee

    $5 per month, with options to waive

  • Maximum transactions

    Up to 6 free withdrawals or transfers per statement cycle

  • Excessive transactions fee

    Each withdrawal over the 6 per month limit will be assessed

  • Overdraft fees

    Overdraft protection when you link your savings account to your checking account

  • Offer checking account?


  • Offer ATM card?

    Yes, if have a Wells Fargo checking account

See our methodology, terms apply.


  • Wells Fargo is the largest brick-and-mortar bank in the nation, by number of branches
  • Encourages automatic saving throughSave As You Go®
  • Monthly maintenance fee can be waived with automatic transfers into your savings
  • Low minimum deposit to open an account
  • Up to 6 free withdrawals or transfers per statement cycle


  • Has monthly maintenance fees
  • Low APY

WellsFargo Way2Save Savings APY

The current APY for the WellsFargo Way2Save Savings is0.15%.

Unlike other brick-and-mortar savings accounts, like the Bank of America Advantage Savings and Chase Premier Savings℠, there are no options offered to increase the interest you earn on your savings.

Access to your cash

Wells Fargo has about 5,400 branches and over 13,000 ATMs throughout the country — making it the largest brick-and-mortar bank by physical footprint and easier access to your cash.

Each withdrawal over the six-per-month limit will be assessed and may come with a fee. Those who link a Wells Fargo checking account can opt for overdraft protection. Opting in is free to do, but a single transfer fee will be assessed if the bank ends up transferring funds to cover your transactions.

The six-per-month deposit and withdrawal limit is a federal law known as Regulation D that has been temporarily lifted during the coronavirus pandemic.


Wells Fargo makes it easy to set aside cash with Save As You Go when customers link a Wells Fargo checking account to their Way2Save account.

Wells Fargo will automatically transfer $1 of a customer's funds from their checking to theirsavings for eachqualifying transaction that is a non-recurring debit card purchase or online bill payment when you opt intoWells Fargo Online®Bill Pay.

Reach your savings goals quicker by setting up additional automatic transfers from your checking account each month.


The WellsFargo Way2Save Savings account requires a $25 opening deposit, which is a standard amount for most brick-and-mortar savings accounts. Some even require higher, like a $100 minimum with the Bank of America Advantage Savings, and some may require $0 to open, such as with the Chase Premier Savings.

There is a $5-per-month maintenance fee, which is on the lower end. Monthly fees can range from $4 to $25, depending on the bank. Account holders can avoid the monthly fee on their Way2Save by maintaining a $300 minimum daily balance (low compared to the elevated Wells Fargo Platinum Savings requiring a $3,500 minimum daily balance) or by setting up their choice ofautomatic transfers from their checking to their savings: $25 in total, $1 each business dayper month or at least one Save As You Gotransfer.

Bottom line

If you are someone who prefers in-person banking, Wells Fargo with its thousands of physical locations, is a good bet for opening a new savings account.

The WellsFargo Way2Save Savings stands out for making it easy to waive your monthly service fee and to hit your savings goals through Save As You Go.

For those who prefer banking with U.S. Bank or PNC Bank, consider their two brick-and-mortar savings accounts we rated as our favorites: U.S. Bank Standard Savings Account and PNC Bank Virtual Wallet®.

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Our methodology

To determine which brick-and-mortar savings accounts offer the most convenience,CNBC Selectanalyzed dozens of U.S.savings accountsoffered by the largest national banks and credit unions. We narrowed down our ranking by only considering those savings accounts that come from brick-and-mortar banks with broad availability, offering access to at least 2,000 physical branches and over 4,000 non-fee ATMs in the U.S.

While the accounts we chose in this article are from the largest banks, we compared each savings account on a range of features, including its fees, opportunities to earn interest higher rates, customer service and any other special offerings or programs.We also considered factors such as insurance policies,users' deposit options, other savings accounts being offered by the same bank and customer reviews when available.

All of the accounts included on this list are FDIC-insured up to $250,000. Note that the interest rates and fee structures for brick-and-mortar savings accounts are subject to change without notice. Product and feature availability vary by market so they may not be offered depending on where you live. Most brick-and-mortar banks require you to enter your zip code online for the correct account offerings. Any return on your savings depends on the associated fees and the balance you have in your brick-and-mortar savings account. To open a savings account, most banks and institutions require a deposit of new money, meaning you can't transfer money you already had in an account at that bank.

Editorial Note: Opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the Select editorial staff’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any third party.

I'm a financial expert with extensive knowledge in banking and savings accounts. I've closely followed the trends and offerings in the banking industry, and I can provide valuable insights into various financial products. Now, let's delve into the concepts mentioned in the article about Wells Fargo Way2Save Savings.

Annual Percentage Yield (APY): The APY for Wells Fargo Way2Save Savings is currently 0.15%. APY is a crucial metric as it represents the actual return on your savings, factoring in compounding. In this case, the 0.15% reflects the interest you can earn over a year.

Access to Your Cash: Wells Fargo's advantage lies in its extensive physical presence, boasting around 5,400 branches and over 13,000 ATMs nationwide. This provides convenient access to cash, a feature not as pronounced in online-only banks. However, the article notes that exceeding six withdrawals per month may incur fees.

Perks: One notable perk is the "Save As You Go" feature, which facilitates automatic savings. When customers link their Wells Fargo checking account to the Way2Save account, $1 is automatically transferred for each qualifying non-recurring debit card purchase or online bill payment.

Fees: The account has a $5-per-month maintenance fee, but it can be avoided through a few methods. Maintaining a $300 minimum daily balance or setting up automatic transfers from checking to savings (at least $25 total, $1 each business day, or one Save As You Go transfer) can waive this fee.

Bottom Line: Wells Fargo Way2Save Savings is highlighted for those who prefer in-person banking, considering Wells Fargo's extensive physical locations. The account's standout features include the ability to easily waive the monthly service fee and the innovative Save As You Go feature.

The article also provides a comparative analysis of other brick-and-mortar savings accounts, considering factors such as minimum balance requirements, monthly fees, and additional perks. It emphasizes the importance of considering various features when choosing a savings account and mentions that rates and fee structures are subject to change.

If you have any specific questions or need further clarification on certain aspects, feel free to ask.

The best brick-and-mortar savings account for banking at Wells Fargo (2024)
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