Maribel Ramos Murder: Where is KC Joy Now? (2024)

Where is KC Joy Now? –Worst Roommate Ever, a Netflix documentary series, has captured widespread viewer attention. The show follows seemingly ordinary individuals whose behavior turns out to be that of deceitful con artists or brutal murderers.

Be Careful of the Quiet Ones” will feature the disappearance of army veteran Maribel Ramos on May 3, 2013, which sends shockwaves through her community and leads the police to launch an intensive probe against Kwang Chol (KC) Joy, her roommate.

Stay tuned for Netflix’s “Worst Roommate Ever,” where we explore an actual incident that will keep you on the edge of your seat. When Ramos mysteriously disappeared while finishing her criminal justice degree and living in California with Joy, we delve into their intimate relationship and reveal all the shocking details surrounding Maribel Ramos’ tragic demise. Join us as we uncover more incredible details.

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Maribel Ramos Murder Story: Investigation

Maribel was born in 1976 and quickly demonstrated her desire for law enforcement from an early age. At 19, she enlisted in the Army, serving two tours in Iraq before honorably discharging in 2008 as a veteran. Before suddenly missing, she had recently earned her criminal justice degree at California State University Fullerton while living with a roommate in Orange, California.

On May 3, 2013, at 10:40 AM, Maribel’s roommate made an alarming call to her family, informing them that she hadn’t returned since the previous night. This follows failed attempts at reaching her and her absence from an important softball game on the same day. Nothing unusual was discovered during a search of Maribel’s apartment; however, her car remained parked, and neither her phone nor purse could be located anywhere in her room or elsewhere in her apartment building.

On May 17, 2013, police discovered Maribel’s lifeless body buried in a shallow grave near Modjeska Canyon, California. Dental records confirmed her identity, but it remained impossible to ascertain the exact cause of her decomposition and subsequent death.

This captivating thriller follows the investigation into Maribel Ramos’ tragic death as detectives work to piece together its secrets and lies. Each new revelation expands its list of suspects, making this case increasingly complex. Tune in now to see who is behind Maribel’s murder!

As they investigate further, detectives examine Maribel’s phone records and discover an audio message between her boyfriend, Paul Lopez, and Maribel on the night she disappeared. Paul claims to be at work that evening but divulges details regarding Maribel’s argument with Kwang Chol “KC” Joy when KC failed to pay their rent on time. Maribel determinedly desired her departure by tomorrow at any cost.

Maribel’s apartment complex footage captures her visiting the front office around 8:30 PM on May 2, shortly after speaking with Paul. Walking slowly down a dimly lit street, her eyes scanning everything around her, this was her final appearance alive. When KC is interrogated about their heated argument involving Maribel at 9 PM while still present, he claims that he found Maribel missing upon his return. Yet, without evidence linking KC directly to her disappearance, authorities remain uncertain.

In an appeal to the news media, KC cooperates with law enforcement authorities and pleads for Maribel’s safe return. He categorically denies any involvement with her disappearance and emotionally expresses his desire for her to return to his life. Police observe scratches on KC’s arm, but KC explains them away as coming from an encounter with thorny bushes at a nearby park.

Before her disappearance, Maribel made an alarming 911 call outlining her fear of him after speaking with him earlier that same morning. Additionally, before her disappearance, Maribel made another distressful call outlining her concern following her encounter with him before she made one such distressful call herself expressing her displeasure at having spent time talking with KC.

As the investigation moves forward, police confiscate both KC’s phone and laptop for examination. Left without other options for staying connected, KC frequently visits his local library, using their computers and internet access, leading them to monitor his online activities, which leads them to an important breakthrough. Meanwhile, in episode nine, KC delves deeper into investigating, using maps to explore Modjeska Canyon before researching human decay rates. Forty-five minutes later, law enforcement personnel discover Maribel’s remains.

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Who is KC Joy?

In an unexpected turn of events, KC Joy was found guilty in 2014 for the murder of Maribel Ramos, an Iraq War veteran living in Orange, California. Following her eight years of honorable service, she moved into her apartment and sought roommates online, where she encountered KC through Craigslist ads she posted for roommates.

Before meeting Ramos, much about KC was still being determined. Through the documentary series “Worst Roommate Ever,” however, we learned that his life had undergone a significant transformation following his parents’ untimely deaths. He moved from California to Tennessee after moving closer to his sister, lost his job, got involved in family disputes over inheritance money, and had explosive temper issues (his sister divulged this fact). His sister even filed a restraining order against him due to his explosive temper.

Ramos and KC had been living together for 18 months and had developed an intimate bond. But an unexpected discovery arises, suggesting KC may have harbored romantic feelings for Ramos since their first meeting. Will this alter their friendship irrevocably? Tune in now to find out!

Ramos’ family searches desperately, reaching out to neighbors and filing a missing person report with the police. News coverage highlights her disappearance, appealing to anyone with information to come forward. KC informs authorities that Ramos had not returned home the night prior, prompting an unexpected turn in their investigation.

CCTV footage captures Ramos at 8:30 p.m. on May 2, 2013, leading to suspense about her whereabouts and the eventual discovery of Ramos’ body in a shallow grave in Modjeska Canyon, California. Dental records verify her identity, but the cause of her death remains unknown.

Initial investigations focused on Ramos’ partner, Paul Lopez, as the prime suspect since they had spoken on her last day before she vanished. However, Lopez revealed to the police that Ramos and KC had a heated dispute regarding rent earlier that day, shifting their attention away from Paul Lopez as a potential suspect.

Ramos called the police several days before her disappearance and expressed concerns for her safety while living with her roommate, including using a machete in self-defense.

As part of their investigation, police officers noticed suspicious scratches on KC’s arm, leading them to question him further. He claims the scratches resulted from encounters with bushes at an adjacent park. Nevertheless, he agrees to cooperate fully with their inquiry by giving up both his phone and laptop, handing them over as requested, and making public appeals for Ramos to return safely before her tragic fate is discovered.

As detectives delve further into their investigation, they become alarmed when they uncover KC’s search history at their local library, making him an official suspect. Furthermore, shockingly, they find evidence of his research on the decomposition of human bodies and explorations in Modjeska Canyon.

Police eventually discovered Ramos’ dead body by following up on KC’s search history.

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Where Is KC Joy Today?

KC Joy was found guilty of second-degree murder and is serving an indefinite prison term, despite his efforts to prove his innocence and requests for a retrial being rejected by authorities. As such, KC remains behind bars for the killing of Ramos.

Defense team representatives have presented a new theory, suggesting Ramos may have died due to medical causes or her own actions, leading KC to panic and dispose of her body in haste. On the contrary, the prosecution contends that KC was deeply in love with Ramos, prompting an emotional outburst after she asked him to leave, resulting in her tragic fate.

According to NBC LA, Orange County Deputy District Attorney Scott Simmons made this claim during a tense courtroom scene. According to reports from NBC LA, Maribel was everything to him, and her loss drove him to extreme actions.

Before his sentencing, KC boldly maintains his innocence, asserting, “I cannot apologize for something I have not done,” despite pressure from my family. Whether or not the truth will surface is yet to be seen—an outcome considered by The Radio Times.

Unbeknownst to many, there may still be hope for KC to be granted parole despite his prior conviction. According to official prison records, he will become eligible for parole again in April 2022. Many were taken aback at this unexpected turn, as he has only served nine years of his sentence.

A recent episode of Eyewitness News revealed that KC Joy, now an accomplished author, is currently writing an intriguing novel called “Suspect, Guilty Until Proven Innocent.” However, as of March 2022, the novel had yet to be published, leaving fans eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Don’t miss the captivating series “Worst Roommate Ever” streaming on Netflix.

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Maribel Ramos Murder: Where is KC Joy Now? (2024)


Maribel Ramos Murder: Where is KC Joy Now? ›

K.C. was convicted of second-degree murder in July 2014 in the death of Maribel, an Iraq veteran and active student at California State University-Fullerton. According to ABC, K.C. killed her between May 2 and May 3, 2013.

How long was KC Joy sentenced? ›

Joy was sentenced to 15 years to life in state prison for the murder of roommate Maribel Ramos.

What was KC Joy convicted of? ›

In 2014, a jury convicted Kwang Chol Joy of second degree murder for slaying Maribel Ramos.

How old is Kc Joy and Maribel Ramos? ›

Kwang Chol Joy, 55, was convicted in July on one felony count of second-degree murder in the killing of Ramos, 36, a U.S. Army veteran who served two combat tours in Iraq and an active student at California State University-Fullerton.

Where did they find Maribel Ramos? ›

The Orange County Register (Irvine, CA): Body found at Modjeska Canyon. KTLA (Los Angeles, CA): OC Body Identified as Maribel Ramos; Roommate Arrested, by Shawn McGinnis and Kennedy Ryan. The Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA): Remains of O.C.

Did K.C. Joy get paroled? ›

In September 2014, KC was sentenced to 15 years to life. According to prison records, he remains incarcerated at Correctional Training Facility in Soledad, California. He will be eligible for parole in February 2023.

Did K.C. Joy ever confess? ›

K.C. Joy pleaded "not guilty" at his trial, and has continued to maintain his innocence to this day. During the trial, he wrote letters to the judge and to news outlets arguing that there wasn't any real evidence against him.

Who is Jamison Bachman? ›

Bachman was a serial squatter who terrorized dozens of roommates across multiple decades. Jamison Bachman used his law degree and charming demeanor to insert himself into people's lives, only to reveal his darker side. Bachman took advantage of tenancy laws in order to avoid eviction.

What did Maribel Ramos do in the military? ›

Ramos served two combat tours in Iraq, and was about to graduate from Cal State Fullerton with a degree in criminal justice in the spring of 2013.

What happened to Denise Huber? ›

The cold case of Denise Huber was cracked after a woman “felt a spirit pulling her" to a truck and wrote down the license plate number. Three years after Denise Huber disappeared in June 1991, her body was found in a freezer inside of a rental truck in Arizona.

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